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El Jefe Teaser 2.0

Posted by LCS

Here is a quick reminder to visit LIONCITYSKATERS.COM  on 18.01.2011 (for those of you that aren't good with numbers that's Tuesday 18th January 2011) for the online premiere of El Jefe. Drinks and popcorn not included.


caden said...

where's that skatepark at 0:40 to 0:45

henry said...

4th picture down.

they repainted the flooring.

not sure if they fixed the cracks or flooring, pretty bad last time i went..

i like the new paint color

Anonymous said...

the filming and editing are goin to be reali good. i think the skating will be mediocre.. nothing too crazy but still happy to watch this video sooon~ sniff sniff~ ~

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