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The Last Grind

Posted by Barry

Go Sports, Margaret Drive a skateshop soaked in local Singaporean skateboarding history officially closed on Wednesday 16 February 2011. During its 22 years of operations the skateshop provided skateboarders with a place to skate, chill out, meet friends and socialize in a safe and friendly environment.

A BBQ and chill skate session was organized to commemorate GS and to say goodbye to a spot that helped  skateboarding in Singapore survive until today.

Go Sports now has a new store at Redhill. Block 75D, Redhill Road #01-86.

Filmed and edited by Juffrie


dude said...

:'(, well this will be a new start to the next era of the singapore skateboarding scene

Anonymous said...

its sad D:well new gosports!!here i come

Anonymous said...

Look at 0.30-0.33

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