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Back 2 Back skateboarding video

Posted by LCS

Back 2 Back skateboarding video from 2004. We don't remember this coming out but damn this video is popping and deserves a premiere on the big screen. Shout outs to HipHop, Firdaus, Dde, Hambali, and B2B skateboards. After watching this pick up your deck, and go street skating!


Anonymous said...

!!!!!really makes me wanna film and go skating like old days..

Anonymous said...

i think this was in 2008.... i was there when they premiered it at altrex....

Fad said...

it says it on youtube 2004 so should be

altrex already closed down and switched to interstate by 2008 then i thinks..

but some of those songs like chain low are from 2006 so maybe you are right.. maybes its from 2008 or they took 4 years to film it. who knows..

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