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Cleaning Bearings & Fixing chips

Posted by fleas

This is the best bearing cleaning tutorial ever created. This guy is a G!

Self-Made Bearing Cleaner and a Guide to Cleaning Bearings.

Smooth bearings can make a difference in skateboarding. Be it manual tricks, grinds, flips or just cruising, having a smooth stable run up and ride away makes a difference.

Here at LCS we recommend lubricating your bearings monthly as this is the main reason they rust, rattle and break. Lubricating your bearings frequently is the only way of ensuring a long life span.

A 'How To' fix chips on a board and grip tape on a board.

We all encounter chips sooner or later, and even though most of us don't care about a small chip here and there (as we can buy a new board or just ride it till it turns into sawdust) this DIY fix-up is a cheap alternative and can extend the life of your expensive graphic board.


dave said...

shit where can i buy the orange liquid in singapore? anyone know?

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