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DGK x ZERO Fresh 'til Death Tour

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This has got to be one of the best skateboarding tours ever! DGK, the most hiphop team since Shorty's and sk8mafia touring with the most hardcore /rock/ hesh Zero team.

This just goes to show it doesn't matter what music you listen to, what clothing style you adopt or what tricks you perform. We are all skateboarders and we need to have mutual respect for each other.

If we respect each other and encourage each other then our local Singapore scene will progress further. So stop hating on other people's video parts and talking trash on our site. This is your community - you make it what it is.

Question for our readers:

Is the line between different genre's of skating narrowing? For example, Chris Cole leaving Fallen footwear to ride for DC shoes. Jack Curtain signing up with Fallen. Josh Kalis talking about how Jamie Thomas saved his skating career in a recent interview.

What do you guys think?

Zero x DGK isn't your typical collaboration, but skateboarding breeds the unexpected

The crew continues on the road through Arizona and New Mexico while hitting demos and eating triple-sets for breakfast.

The crew takes shelter from the rain in the Skatepark of Tampa, then hits other demos and signings around Florida in this episode.

Jamie Thomas takes the crew through his hometown in Alabama where they rip a DIY spot. Then Stevie Williams brings them to Da Playground to hit his spot in this episode.

The Zero crew warms up the demo while DGK repairs a tire blowout. Then both teams wrap up the tour at Woodward with a heavy stair and mini-mega session.


Anonymous said...

i was shocked when chris dropped fallen to ride for dc..

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