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BDK 10 Tricks with Dafizz

Posted by LCS

In building up to their full length video BDK have been releasing short 10 Tricks video parts. Check out Dafizz's part above. Can't wait for the full video!


DFZ said...

barry, where's my photo of the week on 'BDK' link? =) -treflip at bedok reservoir connector bank-

Anonymous said...

so slow.

Jon said...

Ace song choice. I really want to go and skate that park te bdk guys make it look fun!

LCS said...

Dafizz, your tre flip is under "photo of the week" here:

Rad skating!

DFZ said...

Jon-you should skate at fengshan skatepark =)

Barry-thanks b...there's more to come 10tricks vids to come by the BDK boys, peace!

to the coward ANONYMOUS-i'll fast forward for you alright ;)

DFZ said...

*Barry-thanks b...there's more 10tricks vids to come by the BDK boys, peace!

Anonymous said...
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