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Heyday Project Limelight

Posted by LCS

Press release from Heyday Streetwear:

--"Heyday Streetwear is on a Mission Project in documenting down all talents, starting from Singapore, whether discovered or uncovered. Providing a platform for Skateboarder/Longboarders and Musician to shine. For those who thinks it's their time to shine too, head over to to find out how!

Join us in this journey and support all these amazing talents. Without each other, the world would be a boring place. Visit our YouTube channel to watch them in action."--


Anonymous said...

you have a typo error in the video. 'limelgiht'????

jason said...

Wow that back feeble was insane

Heyday Streetwear said...

Anonymous: Yes we do. You've got a good eye :)

Jason: Yup! It def is.

Unknown said...

wheres'that big quarterpipe at the end?

Firdaus said...

Awesome bs feeble, where's that spot at?

Anonymous said...

Golden balls this is some pro shit!
Manual flip out was sketchy but the grind was hot!

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