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Dylan Rieder Interview

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Has Monster made a run for you? How come you’re not riding for some fantastic energy drink company?
Fuck. You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to wear one of those logos on my forehead. Their shit is fucked. It’s cool for those guys; they make a lot of money. I despise logos and I think it’s contractual if you sign up for one of those things that every time you’re on your board you have to have one of their logos near or on your body; it’s kind of retarded. They make little stickers that look like your shirt tags and you’re supposed to put them on you. It’s retarded. I don’t understand the Nascar outfit. The whole racecar uniform shit just blows my mind. But all those dudes are rich now so kudos to them.

How did you end up in Street League? You’re the oddball. You’re not doing push ups, you’re not plugged into the wall. How did it happen and do you enjoy yourself?
Yeah, it’s alright. Dyrdek is my boy, Workshop and all. Maybe he just wanted another Workshop rider. He called me and asked me if I wanted to do it. Why not? It’s extra dough in my pocket. I’m normally not too fond of the whole contest circuit thing but I got a mortgage now. You got to think about the extra pennies that can help pay the gas bill. I don’t mind it. It is what it is. You show up, you bail a couple times and then you go home. I’m not in it to win it. Under the circumstances it’s not even physically possible because everybody can do everything every try and I’m not that technical of a person. But it’s fun. I don’t lose sleep over it at night, that’s for sure. I don’t have a trick list like some of those dudes do. They know how much each trick is worth point-wise and I’ll see people pull out their little trickometer and if they’re doing bad, it’s fucked up, they’ll figure out what trick they need to do. It’s so far beyond not skateboarding. And every time somebody lands a trick it’s like they’re at the Olympics, right away they look up at the scoreboard to see how many points they got. 

Winning is everything, Dylan.
Winning is everything. Winning contests is the most important thing to your career ever. But Street League hooks up all those dudes; it’s great. I mean, Nyjah was winning all those things and I don’t even think he had a shoe sponsor. 

Didn’t you get into a fight at one of them?
A fist fight? Not a physical fight, maybe a semi-verbal confrontation. What? Did you hear the Berra story?

Haha. That dude is a kook. So Berra was standing on the course, which I don’t know why he has any business to be on the fucking course; he’s not skateboarding. He’s on this bank ramp and I had to keep skating past him and this is right when he got kicked off of Workshop, maybe a month or two after. I kept passing him and I wasn’t trying to make things awkward, I had no beefs with Berra before. Me, AVE & Dill were the catalysts of him getting kicked off, which he had heard. My whole thing with Berra getting kicked off is that he doesn’t skate. I don’t have a problem with his Scientology. My whole thing is, “You don’t fucking skate, you don’t ride for The Workshop.” We’re trying to revamp the team where it’s just fucking skate and everybody rips, everyone works hard and hits the streets every day and he wasn’t doing that. So I was like, “Yeah, kick the dude off.” So I’m skating up and down this bank ramp and he’s standing right there so I’m like, “I’m going to say what’s up to this dude.” I was like, “What up, Steve?” and he looks at me and is like, “Really? Really dude? You’re going to shake my hand?” I’m like, “Yeah, you’re standing here. I’m trying to be cordial. Really dude? You’re this butt hurt over the whole Workshop thing?” He looked at me and says, “Keep walking, bro.” He told me to keep walking. I was so blown away. That was it; it wasn’t a full screaming match. I just thought it was really immature. You got kicked off a team, we’ve all been kicked off, don’t take it personal. But I hear so many stories about him just being a little fucking bitch. It’s funny; he shuns me because I’m younger than him and then he runs into Dill and AVE and they pretty much shut him down. He’s all nice to them. He treats me like shit but he’s scared of them so he treats me like a little kid.

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