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Skateboarding Is Life (Short Film)

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 By Mark Ak

"Skateboarding is Life", a short documentary type film that i started producing around a month ago and definitely the most fun to work on. All of that was because I get to try out new things that I never actually tried before in film making. Though there were some challenges in the making, like especially when trying to record myself talking. It was weird hearing myself talk but yea, still fun trying it out! Well the clips I used in this film are mostly shot from my everyday skate session with my friends all over from Labuan & KK. Some of the clips I used were from 3 years ago when i was just starting to mess around with the digital camera, and yea, that's when i start to go onto film.

So pretty much, "Skateboarding Is Life" is a short film about how the skateboarding culture could change a persons' way of living life, and definitely in a good way! Basically also about how it changed mine, how it brought me into video making and stuff like that. So just check em out! Also since it's like my first time working on this type of film, tell me what you guys think and I hope you guys dig it! Oh and also not to forget, I wanna say thank you to everyone that supported and helped me out on making this film. Can't thank you guys enough, so yea, that's it.. Skateboarding is Life!


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