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Skate for Unity 2012

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Skate for Unity 2012 

Date: Saturday 13th October 2012
Venue: East Coast Skatepark
Time: 2PM to 10PM

Format: Best Trick 

Under 16 years old: Stairs Only 
Over 16 years old: Rail, Ledge and Stairs 
2.00pm - 3.00 pm Inline Best Trick 
3.00pm - 4.00 pm BMX Best Trick 
4.00pm - 5.00 pm Skateboard Under 16 Best Trick 
5.00pm - 6.00 pm Skateboard Open Best Trick 
7.00pm - 9.00 pm Final for all division 
9.00pm - 10.00 pm Prize Presentation 
10.00pm END


Anonymous said...

under 16s are on the stairs only, which stairs are these? I don't know any stairs at east coast other than the HUGE 12 set with the handrail

Anonymous said...

I think it's the big 3.

Anonymous said...

how much is one ticket?

jason said...

Stairs as in? dont tell me its big 3

haikal said...

i hope its big three

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