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Let's Chill Out Skaters!

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Date: Friday 5th October 2012 
Time: 3.30pm - 6.30pm

4PM (Malay Youth Literary Association) is a non-profit organization that runs youth development programs in the Malay community. They are organizing a skateboard gathering to learn more about the youth involved in this sport and the challenges that they are facing.

Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM) was established since 1948. Driven by its mission to “maximize human potential for the future of the community” and with its motto to “Unite & Serve”, 4PM provides holistic community engagement services in areas including social and welfare, youth development, literary, mentoring and casework management. 
Skateboarding is popular all across the globe and in a survey we carried out in Singapore Skateboarding was found to be the third most popular sport, coming in just under football and basketball.

Guest skateboarder Mr Syed Muhd, will be sharing his skateboarding experience and talking about how skateboarding builds confidence, keeps you in shape and adds character.
Drop by after school to hang out and learn some new tricks!


Unknown said...

who's syed muhd ?!?!

Anonymous said...

Syed Muhammed: Terrorkota's rider?

Anonymous said...

Yup bro Syed muhammed terrorkota's rider...

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