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Tampines Skate Park Problems

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We met with some representatives from the Tampines Town Council last Wednesday to discuss some of the problems facing Singapore's newest Tampines Skate Park.

Our biggest complaint is that Tampines Town Council nor Playpoint Pte Ltd (Rhino Ramps) have not consulted any local skateboarders in the design, layout and choice of the ramps. As a result what could have been an amazing facility has now become a poor representation of what skateboarders in Singapore want and need.

This is not the first time Playpoint Pte Ltd has botched a skatepark in Singapore. In fact, they are making quite a habit of it. After the numerous complaints we received regarding Active Skatepark, we were shocked to find out they did not liaise with the local community on the Tampines skatepark.


This skatepark is less than a month old and already screws and bolts are falling out of the ramps. Screws that are missing typically drop to the floor and cause accidents.

The sharp screws can cause serious bodily harm should a skateboarder fall down and impale themselves. Would you leave your child alone to skateboard in this unsafe dangerous skatepark?   

The joints on the funbox are poorly finished and do not even lign up. This leaves a sharp edge that is unsafe and dangerous. The skatebaorders have attempted to fix the problem by applying wax to the uneven edge.

 As these ramps are too large for the allocated space and only allow for 1 skateboarder to skate at a time many have to sit on the floor and wait their turn to use the ramps. Many have commented that the mini-spine that is pictured above is pointless in a skatepark this size. A manual pad is more suitable. As such, the skateboarders have decided to use the ramp to sit on rather than skate it!

Tampines is home to the largest skateboarding population in Singapore and as such the sktepark is packed full of skaters on the weekends. It's so full that it becomes dangerous to skateboard. Skateboarding is a sport that requires ample space and speed. Many skateboarders travel to further away skateparks that are less crowded. The park's allocated size is too small for Tampines and the ramps are terrible.

Skateboards can fly out onto the pedestrian pathways because there is no guard rail.

Skateboard damaged due to sharp railing encompassing the skatepark. Some skateboarders have even injured their shins and knees on the railing.

 Many skateboarders have complained this rail is too short and needs to be longer. The design of the end also makes it difficult to perform tricks like K-grinds.  A circular rail is also more preferable.

Incorrect transition. More evidence that shows this skatepark vendor did not do their research and should not be building skateparks in Singapore.

We didn't take photos of the floor, but the flooring although relatively smooth is starting to chip.  Concrete flooring is very important and not all cement is the same hardness and quality. With  local skateboard community involvement this could have been avoided.

When will Town Councils stop using skatepark vendors in Singapore that know nothing about skateboarding and that are only out to make a quick sale. They offer no after sales service, do nothing to grow or develop our sport and never involve the community in the design.

It is too late and too expensive to send these obstacles back or re-do the skatepark, so we are left with a poor excuse of a skate park! This being said - We will do our best to achieve the below improvements:

1. Change the rail to a round rail and increase it's length.
2. Add a manual pad / grind box
3. Consider removing street spine and adding a rectangle flat grind bar. ( Comment below on this option. As many skateboarders have asked for the spine to be removed).

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