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Best Line competition Results

Posted by LCS

On National Day 2010, BNS held a mini skateboarding Best Line competition. Thank you to Boards & Stuff for organizing the event and sk8rat for editing the short video below.


1. Juraimi
2. Khai
3. Batam
4. Afi


sk8rat said...

thankz for letting me edit!

Anonymous said...

how were the freshpark ramps? any good?

Anonymous said...

the flat bar is kinda round and the quarter feels more like a bank. but the manual pad is gooood

Wong said...

bigflip boardslide and boardslide sexchange/body varial were cool!

Anonymous said...

yeah, the flatbar is kinda rounded but flat.. so it's a little weird until u get used to it.

the 1/4 pipe isn't really smooth, i think it's made of several flat panels so its not a perfect circular pipe.

manual pad felt a little bouncy? and some of the coping was missing.

but comp was fun! nice chilled

Anonymous said...

Lol, looks kinda sad.. the comp is so tiny..

Anonymous said...


Jason said...


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