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Missing Rail, Go Sports MD

Posted by LCS

It seems as though a rail from Go Sports MD is missing. If anyone has any information please get in contact with us at Or if whoever took it could return it one night this week, that would be great. Lot's of skaters practice on the rails at GS MD and it hurts all skaters, and the skateboarding scene when stuff like this happens.

Also there has been no information with regard to Jereme's missing Blackberry. If anyone wants to hand it in and get 5 decks no questions asked. Send us an e-mail. Alternatively, pass the phone to one of the skateboarding judges so that they can give it to us.


sk8rat said...

I saw this post on FB earlier, and that a cat was found poisoned.

I find it hard to believe skaters would want to poison a cat. I'm not even sure what poisonous substance you would feed it.

Maybe it was like a local shop owner or HDB resident that didn't like the cat meowing all night?

I mean, I know there are bad skaters out there.. but I hope none are capable of this.

Go Sports should report it to the

They will do a full report I believe..

And the rail- it's pretty hard to steal a rail unless they own a van, and there is no where to hide it... someone would surely come forward...

It could be a scrap metal collector picked it up and melted it down or sold it for scrap metal.. was any other metal rails or materials taken?

Either way, make a report to the police if it is not returned by the end of the week.

The cat matter- should be reported immediately, I read so many articles these days about animal cruelty in Singapore.

-tails up

Anonymous said...

whoever took the rail. return it please.. i learnt how to boardslide there

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