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Skate for Unity Competition Video

Posted by LCS

Last June Big Foot Industries and Roller Plus organized Skate for Unity a skateboarding competition held at Somerset skatepark in Orchard. We never posted the results or covered the event in detail but here is a short video (5 months late) of part of the finals. Lots of skaters that took part aren't captured in the video and most of the footage is grainy and blurry.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching bolo. really unconventional tricks. not old school but not new school. thx for uploading.

dude said...

agreed with ^

Anonymous said...

The prize money is not worth bleeding for

Anonymous said...

Even if someone offer huge amount prize money, will get to the podium? Btw im Rizal [somerset & scape always with cody kai]

Cheryl said...

will there be any skateboarding competitions this month or next?

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