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Designed in Singapore and issued by DC/SBTG

Shout outs to DC Shoes for sending these Delta Charlie dog tags our way. They are part of the latest DCSHOES/SBTG collaboration.

The tags are embossed with large lettering and have a high quality feel albeit being made out of steel. They come with a 30" bead chain connected to a shorter 6" bead chain. Two rubber silencers (wrap arounds) mean you can skateboard with these and not have to worry about them hitting you too hard in the face.

We definitely love the essence behind this collection that is in part "dedicated to all the soldiers of skateboarding – those who were once active skateboarders and are still spirited at heart, as well as those who are currently active and passionateabout the sport".

Go grab yourself a pair for free with any purchase of a DELTA CHARLIE T-shirt at all DC stores on 16th November 2012.

These things are limited so once they run out they are gone for good. If you are a fan of DC or SBTG you won't be dissapointed as these look great and probably make you more manly.

Shout outs to Vanessa and Daniel over at DC Singapore for the hook up!


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